Shelves for my Commodore 64s

When I bought an extra shelf for my game books, I also bought a couple of smaller shelves. These are ideal to put my Commodore 64s on. My primary C64 is a Reloaded in a SX-64 case, but I also have an original C64 that I’ve put in a see-through case. I use that sometimes when I want to have that really bare bones experience. And then I have a TheC64 Maxi. I don’t use that very often. Sometimes I take it downstairs, mostly during holidays. I think that I would use it more often if I had a hdmi to vga adapter.

They were stored in the closet. But this way I get to enjoy them more, probably will use them more often and save some precious closet space. I even have hard cover see-through dust covers for them. Lucky me!

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