Justin isn’t Wack at all


1. To be of low or dubious quality. Origin: comes from ‘whacky’, which evolved to ‘whacked’ or ‘whacked out’. Eventually shortened to ‘wack’. The ‘h’ is usually dropped to differentiate the meaning from ‘whack’, which is to hit something hard or, kill (old wise guy terminology).

I’m finally playing Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack and I must say that I’m enjoying the game very much. I bought the game on sale a few weeks ago, back when Return to Monkey Island came out. I first played Monkey Island, because I was very curious about it and because I wanted to listen to the interviews that are circulating the web without the risk of being spoilt. After that I had to finish the last part of Inspector Waffles and the second half of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, before beginning a new adventure game.

I’m probably half way through the game by now and so far I’m greatly enjoying the places you het to visit, the characters and their voices, the humor and the references to pop-culture, and the puzzles. The puzzles are great and I think they are better than the ones in Return to Monkey Island. I hope the last part of the game will be as great as the first part.

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