Fate of Indy in Atlantis

I just completed Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis for the first time in at least 25 years. Because it made such a big impression on me the first time, I remembered most of it. I played the Wits path and I’m quite sure I never played that before. That gave me a fresh experience. I liked the final part of the game, and that’s not always the case in the games I play. Most of the time, the ending of a game (or book or movie) isn’t the best part. But this time it is. The puzzles remain great until the end. And the graphics are beautiful with all the lava and alien structures. I didn’t manage to get the good ending the first time around and had to try four or five times to manage that. Watching Indy outrun the crumbling city really takes you back watching all the rooms you had to brave before. It certainly lived up to my memories and remains one of the best adventure games LucasArts has made.

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