Don’t hate me because I’ve never played Wing Commander

I listen to a lot of retro gaming podcasts in which like-minded people to myself, usually three guys, talk about retro gaming. One thing that never fails to amuse me is when one guy professes to have never played a well known game and gets ridiculed about that by the other two. The guy usually apologizes in advance and blames it to too little time to play all that is out there, or to having had no access to the game and/or system back in the days.

Having never played such big games as Super Smash Bros, Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, Bioshock, I would often be in the same position as that one guy, were I to participate in such discussions. That brings me to the topic of today: Wing Commander. I have never played it. There, I said it. I don’t know why, but I guess I never got around to it. It’s probably not because I couldn’t get my hands on it. I have played X-Wing after all. I seem to remember not being interested in it when reading advertisements and reviews of the games. I cannot see why I would think such a thing. I did love X-Wing and I adored Wings after all.

I think that never having played it is part of the reason that I haven’t gotten around to collecting for it. But that changes today, because I just got my first Wing Commander game: Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger. I comes on four CD’s, all in separate jewel cases, and with all sorts of documents. I’m very much looking forward to being immersed in this universe. Reading the stuff first. Trying to get it to work, including a joystick, etc.

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