Tristan PinBall

After playing David’s Midnight Magic and Night Mission Pinball on my Commodore 64, playing Pinball Dreams and Fantasies on my Amiga was a gigantic leap forwards in the audio and visual department and gameplay wise.

Playing Epic Pinball on my 486sx was a step downwards from those fantastic games. The only other pinball game I remember playing was Tristan. I was very impressed with the crisp SVGA graphics. But I don’t remember much about the gameplay, so I don’t think that I’ve played the game much.

It is nice to have a big box version of the game though. It comes with instructions on different techniques you can use to direct the ball. I’ve always just messed about a bit and maybe I can improve my skills.

It is missing the actual pinball that’s supposed to be in the box. That’s sad, but I didn’t think this version had the pinball anyway. There are some versions that have the ball displayed in a cutout in the box. I liked the graphics of this box better though. And it was cheap.

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