Getting my Evercade collection up-to-date with Renovation, Gremlin and Intellivision 2

Evercade has been around long enough now for people to sell their systems and carts. In the past, I’ve bought some carts from people that sell off the ones they don’t like, like the Atari Lynx carts. And now I bought three carts from someone who was selling off his systems and some carts. Three carts that I didn’t have yet, namely Renovation, Gremlin and Intellivision 2. They are not the greatest carts for me because I don’t particularly like shoot’em-ups, which are heavily featured on the Renovation cart, and I also don’t care for the selection of games on the Gremlin cart. Although I hope the racing game and the puzzle game are for me. I wish Lotus and Super Cars were on there. Now that would have been awesome.

Having never owned an Intellivision, I also don’t care much about that cart. But it might still surprise me. Maybe it will prove to be the best one of the bunch.

I can definitely see why I haven’t been motivated to keep up with all the releases for the Evercade. These recent ones were not strong enough to make me want to get them. Only the discount convinced me otherwise. It is nice to have a complete collection after all. Now I need to get my hands on the Intellivision 1 cart as well.

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