Justin Wack to keep me occupied until Return to Monkey Island is released

As a rule, I never pre-order anything. But there are exceptions to any rule and if any exception has to be made, there’s no better reason than Return to Monkey Island. So, that’s what I did, I pre-ordered it. It was definitely the horse armor that pulled me over. This joke is exactly the humor I am expecting from the game. I can’t wait until September 19! But wait, I can wait, because I just learned that Justin Wack was released today. The building up to this release is a dramatic difference with the release of RtMI. I never backed the Kickstarter and so I wasn’t in the loop. I wanted to, but found the boxed version too expensive. I apparently did subscribe to the newsletter and that informed me of the release. The game trailer looks every bit as good as the demo was. I think this will keep me occupied until September 19 just fine.

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