Retro games market score: two Nintendo games

I went to my first retro games market in a very, very long time. Not a typical place for me to be, because they useually cater mostly to console gamers and collectors and I’m looking mostly for computer games. But it was a nice experience nonetheless and I spoke with some very nice people. That made waiting in line for the entrance the most enjoyable part of the day.

Of course I had to buy something, if only just to remember my visit. I bought a boxed copy of one of my favorite SNES games, Stunt Race FX. And a cartridge of The New Tetris for the N64. Don’t know much about it, but it’s a great addition to my collection. I think every collector needs a copy of Tetris for every game system he or she owns. Now that I think about it: I need to verify that I meet that criterium and correct it if not.

One more thing: someone just snatched a copy of Re-Volt for the N64 before my very eyes. I would have liked to pick that also.

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