Finished my first Infocom adventure: Wishbringer

Today I finally finished my first Infocom adventure game: Wishbringer. The last week I got a few steps closer every day and I figured out the last things today. I got stuck on trying to get past the puppy. It turns out you just have to type the correct words and not try to “say” or “yell” them. A bit of a bummer that the parser didn’t understand what I was trying to do.

Most of the puzzles in the game made sense. The one thing that seemed illogical to me was what I was supposed to do with the small hat. But there weren’t a lot of options, so I figured it out quickly.

Now I will read some more about what others have to say about the game.

Lastly I will say that I made use of the in-game hint system a few times. And of course I let myself be turned into a Newt :). The next Infocom game will definitely be Zork, as I want to know more about the Zork universe to better understand references in other games.

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