Demons, dragons, liches and drow in Baldur’s Gate II

Haha! Take that you evil drow elves! Or HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! as the Lesser Demon Lord says it in Baldur’s Gate II.

A particularly nice questline in the Underdark let’s the player aid an evil drow elf to double cross her evil matron mother and then triple cross her evil self as well. On top of that, we help a dragon get her eggs back from the evil drow and hear a little about the revenge she’s planning to punish the evil drow. Those drow are not having a good day.

While venturing through the Underdark I am really taken back to the period in my life many years ago when I read the books by R.A. Salvatore. We get forced into helping the cunning Jarlaxle by killing an evil lich. And when we escape from the Underdark we get to meet Drizzt himself along with his companions Bruenor, Catti-Brie, Wulfgar and Regis.

Once again I must admit that while I’m not particularly fond of these isometric rpg’s with tiny characters, real-time battle and being restricted in the spells you can cast, Baldur’s Gate II offers an excellent experience, mostly though the memorable quests, dialog and characters.

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