Big haul 10/15 A squarer Bard’s Tale III

A while ago I was happy to have added The Bard’s Tale III to my collection. One issue that bugged me however was the fact that the game came in a small box while I thought that it would have the same LP-style box as part I, or at least the same dimensions like part II. That coupled with the fact that it had the name of the distributor in a bright yellow banner on the box started to bug me more and more. Especially when I got more of these kinds of releases such as Legacy of the Ancients and Wasteland.

In fact it bugged me so much that I started looking for another copy. At the same time I didn’t want to spend too much, because I had already bought a copy before. I know I can sell that again, but I anticipate a bit of a loss. I found a very reasonable priced copy and by examining the pictures of the auction it became clear why it was so cheap: The front was completely torn of the back of the “box”. I can’t imagine how this would have happened. I figured that if I didn’t buy it, maybe nobody would and it might be thrown in the bin. That would be a shame. So I took it upon myself to give this damaged game a new home. I taped the two halves together and while the spine isn’t very pretty to look at, it is also so thin that you barely notice it.

Another downside was that it didn’t have the code wheel included. So that is something I have to throw in from my spare copy. On the upside, it does have the clue book included. All in all, I’m pretty happy how it turned out.

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