Late to the party: Only recently got into Outrun 2006

I was always more a Super Hang-On guy then an Outrun guy. I don’t know why. Probably due to exposure. I remember playing Super Hang-On the few times I went to an arcade. Maybe (probably) Outrun was there as well, but I couldn’t play it because it was occupied all the time. Or maybe it was too expensive. I can’t remember. Also, on my Commodore 64 I had neither one. I only had Pitstop and Burnin’ Rubber. On my Amiga 500 I had many racing games, among them Super Hang-On, but not Outrun.

I have played Outrun a couple of times in the last decades and always loved it, but never committed to it, and never got very far. I played it a bit more last year, when I got it for the 3DS, but only recently got into the Sega Megadrive/Genesis version even more on the MiSTer. I’m loving it and I read some more about the sequels. I read that Outrun 2 was supposed to be very good. And that there was a PC release that I could play, namely Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast. I downloaded it and played it for a bit. I definitely want to play it more. Being the physical games guy that I am, I quickly scored a boxed copy. Really nice to add it to the racing games collection. Now I think I need a steering wheel, another first for me…

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