King’s Quest IV: Not the whale again! & finished

Last time I rage-quit King’s Quest IV, because I peeked in my hint book and read that I needed an item from the island that you can only get at after being spit out by the whale. That meant that I had to go through that ordeal again. A more recent and more forgiving game would have probably made it possible to get to the island using the same method that you use to get off it, but of course that’s not the King’s Quest way to do things. After a couple of days I was cooled off and decided that there eventually would only be one King’s Quest game that I hadn’t finished (up until VII that is). And because I have no intention of trying King’s Quest III again, that meant I had to finish this game.

After that, there was only on other part that made me angry (the part about the witches was ridiculous. Why doesn’t Rosella say anything to get you on the right track) and the rest of the actually was quite doable. I’m glad that’s over with. I think it’s going to be at least a couple of months before I take on King’s Quest V.

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