“A note on clicking”

Don’t you just love it how distributors of early games went out of their way to explain how the controls for their games work. I recently got a copy of Rise of the Dragon and the manual explains that you have to move the mouse to move your character. It also states that the game just uses three basic actions. Simple right? And then the writers go on and say that they lied and that there are more than three actions. There are three more! And you can even adjust the presets and customize the controls, because we all hold a fork or pencil differently. This is described in A Note On Clicking. Great fun!

Could you imagine how much space it would take to describe in this fashion how modern open world games are controlled? Now they just show you a picture of a controller with its tens of buttons with descriptions beside it. I get so confused at times.

On another note: While looking through the box of Rise of the Dragon, I also came across a small booklet labelled Dynamix Comix Vol. 1. A Blade Hunter Graphic Mystery. In the booklet are some fake adds, a comic story and a Step-by-Step Guide to Private Investigation, And Other Fun Things. Even greater fun! I am looking forward to playing this game.

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