Apparently stairs are not as perilous to Rosella as they are to Graham

I’ve started with King’s Quest IV. From what I’ve read about King’s Quest III, that is not a game I wish to continue with. I’ve only played the beginning, and while that was nice, I’m not looking forward to navigating the cliffs to the wizard’s abode one more time. And I don’t want to mess around with endlessly typing in ingredients.

So KQ4 it is. I’m playing it in ScummVM on RetroPie with my real Rolamd MT-32. In the first couple of hours I managed to make quite a bit of progress. But now I’m stuck. I need a bridle, two keys and something to see in the dark.

It is quite fun up until now. Especially when navigating the terrain. Rosella is way better in climbing winding stairs than Graham was.

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