Deciding which Atari Lynx games will get the custom game case treatment

I’m trying out custom game cases for some of my Atari Lynx games. Which to include?

When I started out with collecting games for the Atari Lynx, I consciously made the decision not to go for games complete in box. I knew there would probably be times when I would regret this decision and would want CIB instead of cartridge only, and there have been, but I have been able to successfully suppress the urge to go CIB so far.

I constantly do have the urge to better display them however, and at one point I had them nicely on display, but that didn’t prove very practical and I don’t have enough space on my walls anymore for that solution. I have been eyeing a custom case solution for a time now and I noticed that the cover project website had some covers for Atari Lynx games in Nintendo DS game cases. Last week I took the plunge and ordered some empty cases and today I decided to try to print out a cover for my favorite Lynx game Toki. It is just a low quality test print, but I can see this has potential. I will look into getting some better paper next week or so.

And while it is not my aim to put all my Lynx cartridges in these cases, I’ll do just ten of them at first so I can give them a proper place in my games collection. Now to decide which that will be. Definitely Toki, California Games and Blue Lightening, but what else…

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