Neb’s head

Managed to defeat a lot of spiders and a few vampires with some clever tactics in Baldur’s Gate II. Jaheira summoned a fire elemental that kept some of them busy and Nalia threw a fireball or two. Minsc keeps dying ad Jaheira keeps bringing him back to life. Aerie is constantly tired. We encountered Lassal, but he cowardly teleported away. We now have but one way to go and that place is guarded by a powerful Tanova that kills us in a few seconds. I think I am going to try to make her unable to cast spells.

We also entered Neb’s hideout. Nalia’s pickpocketing skills weren’t sufficient to pick the lock to his hideout and casting the knock spell brought the cowled wizards on our back. But a thieving potion, convieniently sold by the lady outside his hideout made it possible to enter. I didn’t remember Neb from BG1, but my companions did. Keldorn cast a spell to make him visible and we managed to kill him. Now we have some illithium ore for the artist, although it isn’t enough and it weights a ton. We also have Neb’s head. I don’t know why we have his head. And the quest also didn’t progress yet.

While looking through the rest of the Bridge district to find the evildoers that throw people in graves, we encountered a couple of thugs that we barely managed to defeat. It weren’t the guys we were looking for though. I wonder where they are.

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