Will we see a new Pirates! game in 2022?

One of my favorite games is Pirates! I played it a lot on my Amiga 500 and for a long time, I’ve had the Amiga version in my possession. Regrettably I sold that, but luckily I now have the Commodore 64 version in my possession. It’s the same purple box as the Amiga version that I had. It looks quite heavily used, but I guess that adds to the charm. I think this release with the ship on the cover looks a lot nicer than the MS-DOS release with the pirate (there’s something wrong with that pirate.) The Pirates! Gold release also looks quite nice.

I decided that I also needed Sid Meier’s Pirates! in my collection and I opted for the Wii version. I can play that on my Wii U. A nice reason to power that thing on again.

With Pirates! Gold released 6 years after the original Pirates! and Sid Meier’s Pirates! 11 years after Pirates! Gold, I expected to see a new Pirates! in 2021. It’s only logical: 1987 + 6 = 1993, 1993 + 11 = 2004 and 2004 + 17 = 2021. Sadly, that didn’t came to pass. I’m still hopeful that it is just delayed for one year and that we can expect a new Pirates! game in 2022. But it’s no problem, because I haven’t even played Sid Meier’s Pirates! yet.

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