Out Run for the CBM 64/128 with soundtrack on cassette

I’m looking to add some racing games to my collection. I already have Pitstop II for the Commodore 64 (I wish I had Pitstop I because I played that back in the 80s and not II) and I now also have Out Run. I have never played it on the Commodore 64 (only a few times in the Arcades) and I’m excited to try it out. Especially with the audio cassette that it comes with.

Play the music on this cassette in conjunction with your computer game and enjoy the action packed realism of this exciting game!

Another racing game that’s on my wish list is Burnin’ Rubber for the Commodore 64. I used to play that maybe even more than Pitstop. I also remember having Pole Position on one of the tapes with my original Commodore 64. But if I look at the screenshots of the action on Lemon64, they do not ring a bell. I think that I have vague memories of the yellow screen with the track layout however. So that’s all the excuse I need to try to get my hands on that one as well.

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