Trying to get Santa to Work Out

I’m planning to play some C64 and Amiga Christmas games in the living room. My platform of choice is RetroPie in the new Amiga 1200 case that also houses a KeyRah adapter. It’s been a little difficult to get the original joystick ports to work in Vice. But after an hour of fiddling about I got it working. I’m not a big fan of customizing controllers in emulators and with RetroPie you have to also get the controls right in Emulation Station. It’s all a big pain.

Now I have to get the Amiga emulation working. Some games refuse to work. Aargh! I’ll spend another hour on that issue and if that doesn’t solve it, I will drag the C64 with the Chameleon downstairs. I wonder if the Keyrah will let me use the Amiga keyboard on the Chameleon via a PS2 adapter…

Anyway, I did enjoy a little Santa’s Workout.

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