Briley Witch Chameleon

Played some more Briley Witch Chronicles. I’m almost four hours in and just as I expected the fights did get harder. So much so that Briley didn’t have enough magic left to cast the necessary spell on the bad spirit. Maybe she just had one point too few. She died and now I have to do this part over again. At least the game over screen doesn’t rub it in. It’s just a little text saying that Briley has been defeated. That’s something different than the other game I’m currently playing, Baldur’s Gate II, where you get to see a dramatic cut scène every time you die. And I know, because I die a lot!

Anyway, Briley needs more potions before she tries again.

I suddenly remember how to save a cartridge to a rom image with the Turbo Chameleon V2. I’ll just make a note for future reference: in the menu, press F4 and choose save rom. Next time when you load the cart, mount the rom image and voila. So this way I can save to cart instead of to disk. I guess I can even try some sort of save state this way.

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