Evercade 17 and Journeyman 3

I’ve got myself a present for my birthday and it’s The Indie Heroes Collection 1 cart for the Evercade. This is probably one of the better carts for the system. A mixture of puzzlers, platformers and rpg’s. Most games are right up my alley. I have already played some Alien Cat 2, Flea!, Foxyland and Twin Dragons. I wasn’t very impressed by that last one, but the other ones were great fun already. And maybe I’m wrong about Twin Dragons. We’ll see.

I also want to take this post as an opportunity to mention that I got a copy of The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time for the collection. I got this a while ago already, but never made a mention of it. This is the first Journeyman Project game I own and I’ve never played any of the games. I was tempted to get the first two games a number of times, but was always put off by the negative reviews of those games. It seems, however, that the third game in the series is supposed to be a bit better than the first two, so maybe this is the game I should play sometime.

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