Divinity Original Joke

I arrived at the village Hunter’s Edge in Divinity Original Sin and although it’s a very dark and evil place it’s also filled with humor. For instance, there’s a skeleton that’s afraid to change skulls, because he worries if he’ll be the same personality with another skull. When we convince him he will remain the same with another skull he goes ahead and… he become another personality. Another example is the executioner who is so stupid that it’s morbidly funny.

A lot of the fights remain very enjoying. The best battles are when you narrowly survive. The games non-linearity allow you to skip quests or do them out of order. The down-side to this is that you miss a lot of the story that way and you are left unsure of what to do next.
Like I skipped Braccus Rex until level 16. Of course it was a cake walk by then. But the game lets you do it. When I did encounter him, he told me a lot of his story which plays a part in the overal story of the game. So skipping too much is not advisable general practice. Still, it is refreshing to see such an open approach.

Another fun encounter was with a mage that summoned a lot of demons. The fight was too tough so I fled through a hatch to a cellar behind the mage. He didn’t dare follow me without his demons. I found some clues to progress the story, but I will have to go back and kill them. Not only because he’s an evildoer, but also to get me the much needed XP.

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