Divinity: Original Teleport

Divinity Original Sin is not a game that is holding you by the hand. This I knew already from a previous playing session, back before there was an enhanced edition, which Larian provided for free btw (take that Bethesda and Nintendo!) It’s mostly a good thing which I can enjoy from time to time, but I must confess I do enjoy handholding also. The lack of handholding does provide a immersive feeling. But it also costs a lot of time and sometimes frustration. Like in this case, when you are standing in front of a magical barrier that just refuses to open. Even when you have done the things walkthroughs suggest.

So I had to resort to teleporting. Something a bunny told me and was confirmed by the aforementioned walkthroughs. After to teleports though, the fun stopped and I couldn’t throw the pyramid far enough. I had to let Jahan teleport me across, which is a very painful operation as Jahan can lift you up, but can only throw you very hard to the ground. It did get me across though and let the other party members use the pyramid once more.

That whole operation led me to the Winter King which proved to be another very enjoyable fight. I had to use all the different abilities to get the upper hand. I even summoned Nick which I don’t do very often but always proves useful when I do. He kicks ass. Literally.

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