Holiday haul

Me being away on holiday leaves me with extra time for gaming and also to browse the net for additions to my collection. It’s nice to look forward to getting home and seeing those additions. This time the following items were waiting for me:

  • the battery replacement for my 486 PC I ordered a long time ago.
  • a poster from with all the baby versions of the main characters from the classic point-and-click adventure games. This currently replaces the map of Morrowind I had hanging from the wall.
  • Four games:
    • Little Big Adventure.
    • a small box version of Psychonauts for PC. I have always wanted to get into this game.
    • Dark Seed II. This game doesn’t come in the weird shape of the first game, but it does have the same look to it and nicely complements the gap between the first Dark Seed and I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream.
    • and Knight Orc for the MSX. It’s probably the first game that I have for the MSX platform.
Dark Seed II in between other games from the same developer

I also made some local purchases in the area I was visiting. Those are:

  • A The C64 Maxi.
  • V-Rally for the Nintendo 64 which I got for really cheap and probably shouldn’t have, because I don’t enjoy it, but I got it because I mistook it for Re-Volt, which I do want to own.
  • Top Gear Overdrive for the N64 which I also got for quite cheap and actually do enjoy playing.

The additions to the Nintendo 64 collection leave me thirsting for more N64 games. Especially pickups in real shops are fun to do. Because I’m looking for carts only, I’m considering buying labels for them.

While on vacation I also saw that A Hat in Time was being discounted for the PS4. So one of he first things I did when I got back was buy and play it. I’m really enjoying it thus far. I’m sad that there isn’t a physical version for the PS4. I really would like to have one, because the PS4 probably is the last generation which I’ll be getting physical versions of games for. I don’t have a Nintendo Switch and while I am considering getting one in the future to play a new Zelda game on, I don’t plan on getting physical games for the system, or at least not many of them.

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