Vacation time is Evercade time

It’s vacation time and that means that it’s Evercade time. Now that I have almost twenty carts, I have to make a selection a five or six carts that I take along. The Evercade has a very nice travel pouch, but it’s a bit on the small side. The handheld itself is a very tight fit and the extra compartment cannot hold many carts.

One of the carts I decided to take with me is the Interplay Collection 2. The game I started out with is Prehistorik Man that was originally released for the SNES. I remember playing the original Prehistorik on the Amiga. A fun game that I never got very far in.

Prehistorik Man is a much more accomplished game than the original. The levels have different themes and most of them have a lot of verticality to them. There is a lot to collect and secrets to discover.

It’s certainly no Super Mario World, but it’s definitely an above average platformer. I’m not sure I can enjoy platformers anymore though. This game however has save points midway through the level as well as plenty of continues. But once again the only reason why I enjoy playing this game is because of save states.

Save states only work if it’s clear what you need to do or where to go however. And there are some points in the game where it’s not very obvious what you need to do. One example is a point where you need to bash at the ground to uncover a platform. Another point where it’s actually clear what you need to do, but it’s too hard to accomplish the feat, at least for me. That makes me wonder if it actually is the right thing to do, or that you need to take another route. Consulting YouTube confirmed that it actually is the way to go. But I still couldn’t manage it. It’s the part where you have to throw spears and jump on them to get to the top of a tree. It’s just to difficult to press the buttons at the right time in the right order. That’s a strong signal for me that the game didn’t have the same quality control that the absolute best platformers got. I think I’ll give up for now.

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