History lessons

I read the story from the Digital Antiquarian about Adventure for the VCS, a game I recently played on the Evercade. I didn’t think I would, but I actually quite enjoyed it.

An ever greater story is that of Tetris, a game I have fond memories of playing it every evening on the Gameboy at a friends house many many years ago. I recently got into it again on the MiSTer. I played the arcade and NES version. Sadly, it’s not on the eshop for the DS.

Other interesting games that got a mention were Mercenary and Head over Heels. I need to check those out. The Digital Antiquarian is a great series of articles that perfectly accompanies me on my retro gaming adventures. Especially the epub versions on my ereader.I’m currently at number thirteen or so. It’s around 1992. In my opinion one of the better years for games. Although I also check out the original blog posts just to browse through the comments.

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