Back to The Cave!

Every time when I fire up Steam I see some games that I started playing but haven’t finished yet. And some of them I actually do want to finish. One such game is The Cave by Double Fine, and more specifically and significantly, by Ron Gilbert. It’s not often that I fire up Steam though, as it resides on my spare laptop and most of my gaming nowadays takes place on either console or retro home computer.

While browsing though the Google Play Store, I came across a version of The Cave for Android. I’m not much for gaming on my phone, as I still regret playing Thimbleweed Park on my phone before I played it on my computer. I originally bought TP for android to play on my 22 inch all-in-one, but I couldn’t resist playing it on my phone during my commute to work. Although I enjoyed it, I think I would have enjoyed it more on the big screen. I’m looking forward to playing it again someday. And also though the Delores mini adventure.

But I digress. There I was seeing The Cave for android and I figured I could simply play it on my big screen tv through the magic of screen mirroring. I tried it and it worked. Yeah! The game also is easily controlled with the SF30 8BitDo via bluetooth.

I choose the adventurer, the knight and the scientist. After a while I wondered when the bit with the carnaval that I remembered would turn up. But then I realized that it wouldn’t because the game has different segments specifically for each character. One the one hand I think that this is a great feature, as you can play though so many different areas that use the ability of that specific character. On the other hand I think it’s a bit of a miss, because puzzles cannot be solved in different ways. I’m currently in the segment of the scientist after completing the ones for the knight and the adventurer. At this time I definitely plan to play with other characters as well. I think it’s a great game that reminds me of both Maniac Mansion and The Lost Vikings. Not bad for a game at all to remind someone of those great games!

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