Shadow of the Colossus: Finished

After my initial defeat by the hand of the final Colossus (actually it was his head that threw me off and a fireball that killed me), I defeated him today in my second try. It was a glorious fight befitting the final fight of the game. The game ended with a proper cinematic ending that left me a bit confused. Maybe because I’m not into the lore of the creators of the game having never played the other games in the same universe. Also, I’m not into Japanese storytelling that always leaves me confused and wanting to skip the long dramatic scenes. Anyway, now the girl is left with a horned baby in a tower garden and the live hapily ever after, assuming the will have more horned babies when he is of proper age and is willing to make out with his surrogate mother/erstwhile lover.

I’m certainly not going to do anymore gaming as I’m not into that sort of thing. I always wonder who is. Who has the time to do all that stuff? Why should you want to when there are so many other games out these wanting being played? I guess it’s mostly young people with too much time on their hands.

So it’s goodbye Shadow of the Colossus. It was every bit as magnificent as I was led to believe. Of course I wasn’t expecting the second coming or anything like that. I knew what I was getting into. But it was great nevertheless.

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