Minidisc again!

Like I mentioned a while ago I am interested in getting back into minidisc. So I have. The plan is to record some discs with retro game music. But first I have to get some rewritable discs and more cables and an av switch box because I now have too many devices for my amplifier.

Before MP3-players became a thing, I had a Minidisc player. A deck (the MDS-S707) and a portable player. I never used it as much as I used my walkman with cassettes. Partly because I spent less time listening to music on the go and partly because a little while later I got my first PDA (a Palm M100 soon followed by a Tungsten T) which I rather used for listening to music, reading books and playing games (and keeping my schedule, though not as much as I probably should have.)

Like I mentioned a while ago I am interested in getting back into minidisc. So I have. I got a MDS-S39 which is very much like the MDS-S707. It’s probably the same device, but for another market and in my case the S707 came bundled with a 770 kit. I wanted either the S707 or the S39 and not the S38, because that’s a black one. And although my other audio equipment is black, I think it is cool that it differentiates itself from the other devices. Also, I had a silver device back then.

Very cool to have a minidisc player again. I feel like it is a special part of history. Especially because I had one as well and took part of that period. I’m trying to record game music on it. It has optical in and out, but I haven’t got much equipment anymore with S/PDIF.

Recently I disconnected my D-Link Boxee Box. It has optical out. But the minidisc recorder doesn’t recognize it. Maybe the frequency is wrong.

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