Malcolm The Fly

Been making some progress with Malcolm’s Revenge. But not much. Needed some way to disguise myself. Turns out you can do that by putting a thing on your head which was already quite a stretch to figure out how to get and and also with what purpose. The one purpose I figured out earlier. The fact that you can also put it on your head and that it has the effect that it has isn’t very logical.

I also managed to open a gate with an action that I already tried three times before, but turned out to be correct if you hit just the right pixels. Infuriating! I cannot help but find that not getting feedback of the usable pixels/items on screen is very frustrating. I turned to UHS to find out how I could escape the second prison, but couldn’t get the action that you are required to do to trigger. Maybe, I’m doing it wrong, or I’m not clicking on the right pixels.

I’m all but ready to give up on this game right now.

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