C64 on the B&O

I wanted to try out the physical cartridge version of Boxy Moxy. But that means I cannot use the Turbo Chameleon V2. And that means I cannot connect the C64 to the Benq BL702a. Because I also wanted to try out the C64 on the B&O MX4000, I connected the S-Video output of the C64 Reloaded to the B&O. It looks very nice.

It’s a bit inconvenient without the C64 in front of you and although long, the cord on the SNES controller is just a little too short. I can go wireless of course, with the CDTV remote. But that only works with the Chameleon.

It’s nice to know that it works and to see how nice it looks. It’s not ideal for all games, but for some platformers, like Sam’s Journey or Doc Cosmos, for instance it’s great. And for Boxy Moxy of course.

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