Second Dizzy down

After Treasure Island Dizzy, I played through Wonderland Dizzy and not Mystery World Dizzy.

I had to consult the Internet to find the last star

After that I played Dizzy The Adventurer. A nice enough game. Still some weird things, like quite heavy objects laying on clouds that Dizzy himself sinks through. I got stuck eventually and no wonder. I read a review on the game that mentioned that the NES version has a weird puzzle about the flying carpet that other conversions don’t have. The review went so far as to spoil the puzzle, because it was so weird, and I was glad it did, because I never would have figured it out. Sadly that was not the only flaw. One other puzzle was too weird to solve, namely how to get rid of a big robot kind of thing with a tiny object. And after that it was easy to get to te end.

I tried a bit of the next Dizzy game on the Oliver Twins cart, The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, but I don’t like that one. I will probably go straight through to the last game Mystery World Dizzy.

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