I don’t have the strength for it

A few months ago, I almost reached the end of Baldur’s Gate. I managed to get through the maze by outrunning some skeletons that just refused to die. Probably because they were already dead. After that came a particularly tough fight and I just knew that that there wasn’t going to be much more of the game after that fight than the main boss fight. I just couldn’t get myself to go all the way back and get better stuff to properly finish the game.

It didn’t help that in between I read the strategy guide and the beginning of the very bad novel. That just put me off on the game that I didn’t very much enjoy anyway.

The official strategy guide and the novel

But I decided that 2021 is going to be the year in which I finally take on Baldur’s Gate II. And I just have to have seen the ending of the sequel, especially now that I’m so close. So I switched the difficulty setting to story mode and did the two fights and now I’m done with it. I must say that I’m a bit underwhelmed by the ending. I’m supposed to be the child of a evil God, but why that is and how that affects me I don’t know. Well, let’s hope that part two will lead to greater enjoyment.

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