Another chance for The Shadows of Sergoth

A while ago I played the demo of The Shadows of Sergoth on the Turbo Chameleon V2. I didn’t play through the whole demo but I did have an opinion ready. It turns out that wasn’t entirely fair.

During the Christmas holiday I had the Chameleon setup in the living room to play some games with the family. I enjoyed being in the living room together with the whole family during Christmas. Much nicer than me sitting in the game room by myself. Not always mind you. After the holidays I’ll enjoy the solitude of the game room all the more. I didn’t have many Amiga games on the Chameleon, only a couple of different versions of Lemmings and The Shadows of Sergoth. So, I tried it again and played through the whole level. I must say that I am much more positive this time and I definitely see the potential. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the final game.

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