Yet another handheld

I have been playing a lot of games on the Evercade the last few weeks. And more games for that system are on their way. But even before I bought the Evercade, I pre-ordered another handheld gaming device, namely the Nintendo Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. I received it last week. I haven’t yet been able to play around with it much, but I have it placed directly in front of me at my desk, so hopefully it will see some usage in between breaks from work.

Two things I noticed that are slightly annoying: The first is that it’s missing the stand of the original Game & Watch. How can I use it as a clock? I have to get a separate stand for it. The second thing is that the display turns itself of after some time. How am I supposed to read the time?

Anyway, I think it’s a great addition to my game collection. Now I have two Game & Watch devices: This one and Parachute, the game that I had as a kid. Maybe Nintendo will release more new Game & Watches. I don’t think I will be buying into those. But you never know…

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