Making me Dizzy

I’ve completed Treasure Island Dizzy. At first I was missing two coins so I got the bad ending. That’s right, I was bad! It turns out I missed one of the random coins that I probably could have found by myself. The last coin that I missed, however, was especially obscure: It was hidden inside one of the fish. Very cool, but not something I would have found out for myself I think.

The next Dizzy game on the Oliver Twins cart for the Evercade is Mystery World Dizzy and that’s probably the next Dizzy game I should play. It’s a remake of the third Dizzy game, Fantasy World Dizzy, the one Dizzy game that I’ve played on the Amiga.

I’m trying to make sense of all the different Dizzy games and their remakes and ports and it’s making me dizzy. So I should probably make a list:

  1. Dizzy (subtitled: The Ultimate Cartoon adventure)
  2. Treasure Island Dizzy (played on the Evercade)
  3. Fantasy World Dizzy (played on the Amiga). Remade as Mystery World Dizzy (currently playing on the Evercade)

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