What underwater cave?

Coming back to an adventure game after a long hiatus is very frustrating. Why do I always do that? The last time I made any progress in The Dig must have been weeks ago and I had completely forgotten what had happened. And quite a lot had happened. Anyway, I made some more progress with Brink’s help, only to get stuck with a puzzle about laying bones in the right order. It was not very intuitive that you can rotate the bones, but I figured that one out myself. After that I tried it two times and gave up. This is not the sort of puzzle that I like. So I resorted to the Internet and figured it out.

Because I forgot to use the Universal Hint System, I also read why I wanted to do this at the first place. After managing the feat, I could get to the underwater cave. But wait a minute, what underwater cave? How was I supposed to know that I did all this to get to an underwater cave? I just hope that this is something that I forgot because I hadn’t played the game for a while… Anyway, now that I’m there, I guess I can make some more progress the next time. Let’s hope that that will be soon so I won’t forget too much. I’m still loving the music and the atmosphere, though, so that’s not the problem.

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