Stan Goodman

I reached the part in The Secret of Monkey Island where Guybrush has to buy a ship. While talking to Stan, I once again missed the voices from the Special edition in the original EGA version. I think I will replay the Special edition immediately after beating LeChuck.

I couldn’t help but filling the voices in in my head and that’s when I noticed that I started talking like Saul Goodman. That’s no wonder, because I’m currently watching Breaking Bad again (I’m almost at the end).

Of course both Stan and Saul are based on the stereotypical used cars salesman. In fact the story goes that Stan is based on the TV commercials of a local salesman. Maybe the writers of Breaking Bad also had him in mind while writing for Saul. Or maybe Bob did. Or maybe Bob has played Monkey Island… Now that’s an interesting question that I would ask him if I ever met him.

I wondered if anyone else had made the same connection (of course some people did. There’s always someone who has had the same thought as you. ) and sure thing, some people had and have posted about it online. Someone who calls him or herself scientificdeliriummadness even went so far as to make a great little gif about it. Check it out.


  1. Yeah, Man, I am watching breaking bad again, I am almost at The end, and just realized that exact same thing! Googled it to check if I was not The only one and Bingo! Hahaha

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