A new and an old game

I bought a new and an old game: The Colonel’s Bequest and Tiny Little Slug. The first one because I’m expanding my Sierra game collection, and it was cheap. And the second one because it is a new Amiga game but mostly because it was cheap. Tiny Little Slug is not the sort of game that I’m going to play all the way through. But it is nice to have and to play for a few hours. It is the floppy version, and it didn’t come with a digital adf version. Which is too bad, because I’d rather play it from my Gotek than from a real disk. Although playing from floppy does have a very nice nostalgic feel to it. I’m lucky that my ACA500plus provides the option to easily assign the DF1 drive as bootable, because my DF0 drive has the Gotek installed. I’m worried though that if and when my floppy breaks down, I won’t be able to play it anymore. I just have to keep a lookout for a sale or giveaway at some point.

Notice the nice little game Shufflepuck Café there?

Oh, and I almost forgot: When you look closely at the picture above you might notice the very nice little game Shufflepuck Café tucked between the other two games. Now that was a game I enjoyed playing back in my Amiga days.

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