An airship in Morrowind

For my vacation I packed my 3DS to finish Orcs & Elves (I’ve never finished it after my last vacation). But I don’t feel like playing it. Why? Because I brought a laptop. And I just bought a very important piece for my collection: Morrowind Collector’s Edition! It’s waiting for me when I get back home. That put me in the mood to play the game again. I’m playing the vanilla version from GOG.

I’ve chosen my default character. One that’s initially affiliated to the empire, doing Legion and temple quest. Also some fighter’s guild quests. An imperial that’s magically inclined. Restoration, destruction, illusion and mysticism. I’m planning to be more locally and magically interested in the future.

I’ve come across a curious fellow that’s missing an airship in Solstheim. I can’t remember this quest so I definitely need to check this out.

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