Analog joysticks for RetroPie

After getting my hands on a Gravis Analog Pro joystick and a Gravis PC Gamepad I had to figure out how to get them to work on my Raspberry Pi with RetroPie. I ordered a cheap gameport to USB converter cable, but that won’t work with these devices. I am also keeping an eye out for the original Microsoft Sidewinder gamepad and that will probably work with that simple cable.

So, I ordered a USB gameport adapter from China and after dome fiddling with the buttons to get the right mode, it works fine. I used the program Joy Test Version 2.0 to test it out. I even played some X-Wing with the joystick and that requires some getting used to, because it was actually harder to steer than with the mouse. Now for some Commander Keen with the Gravis PC Gamepad…

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