T-Tris for Lynx

It’s been a while since I got a new (old) Lynx game. I see some on offer every now and then, but Lynx games are a bit low on my priority list lately. But when I saw this homebrew game being offered, I just couldn’t resist. I mean this game is a bit more scarce than other commercial releases. And it’s Tetris! I mean T-Tris!

It comes with instructions and in the original orange little box that the author used. It is a PCB with a ROM chip. I saw online that a more polished release has also been sold at one time. But this also has a nice feeling to it. Maybe I’ll try to add a nice logo to the box.

Tetris is of course a great game. I remember one summer when I spent a month playing Tetris on a Gameboy at my friend’s house. Great fun! It’s nice to have it on the Lynx now.

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