45 points in King’s Quest: Quest for the Crown

I finished Simon the Sorcerer and the first episode of King’s Quest. Before I continue with the other episodes, I’ll try my hands on the original games from the 80’s first. What helps is that I don’t have a physical copy of the new King’s Quest collection yet.

And I did just that, I started with the original King’s Quest: Quest for the Crown for IBM PC from 1987. I played for a few hours. After first mapping out all the screens, I had already collected the necessary ingredients for pacifying a rat and some leprechauns. But I still needed something to crawl through a tiny hole. That also didn’t take long to figure out. I was very impressed with myself that I’d figured out how to get to this stage, especially because I’m not very good at figuring stuff out in adventure games.

Now I have two of the three required items. I have my eyes on the last one, but I don’t know how to get it in my hands just yet. I wonder if I will manage to figure it out on my own.

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