Simon casts some spells and Graham became a knight

Pixel hunting caused me to be more and more annoyed with Simon the Sorcerer. Next to the obscure rocks I also didn’t notice some vines that I needed to progress.

I also needed some help figuring out what to do with the crate. The game sometimes gives too few hints about what to do.

I feel like more descriptions about the scenes would not only add some atmosphere, but could also provide more clues. Sort of like a cross-over between a text adventure and a point-and-click adventure. I recently got a game like this. And I also am awaiting a new game (link).

I also continued playing King’s Quest and helped Graham becoming a knight. Simon also wanted to help. He got his hands on a frog that Graham needed.

It’s actually very nice to play and old adventure and a new one simultaneously. It clearly shows how the genre has evolved. The comparison is made even more clear because the new King’s Quest is based on old material.

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