Simon the wizard and Graham the would be king

Simon the Sorcerer has finally managed to become a wizard with some help from the internet. One sticky point was another case of pixel hunting, namely the picking up of a rock from the already quite rocky ground. Another difficult point proved to be the combining of an inventory object on a rock which wasn’t obvious to Simon because he didn’t notice that the object in his hat had a rope attached to it.

Now that he is a wizard though, he doesn’t have the faintest idea what to do next.

To make matters more difficult, Simon is not the only one on an adventure. Graham has also been adventuring in King’s Quest and things are starting to mingle. Where Simon now has more gold coins in his hat, Graham only has one coin to his name. Where Simon has put a dragon to sleep, Graham has only narrowly escaped a dragon but at the expense of his newly made friend.

Amazingly, the action elements in the game are still not annoying and the puzzles are fun. The characters are also funny and the environments are beautiful. I’m planning to finish the first chapter of this game and try some of the original King’s Quest games from Sierra before I’ll continue with the next chapters.

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