A hat for better sound

While messing around with my Roland SC-55 I noticed that the audio output of the Raspberry Pi generated a lot of hissing noise. So I read that the quality of the components if very shabby. I therefore got a HiFiBerry DAC+ Light to upgrade the sound output of the Raspberry Pi. This definitely improved the sound a lot.

I’ve had to made some adjustments to /boot/config.txt:

First I commented out the following line by inserting “#” in front of it: #dtparam=audio=on

Second, I’ve added the following line: dtoverlay=hifiberry-dac

The sound coming out of the SC-55 was very weird most of the time. But not always. To see if it somehow was caused by the cheap USB2MIDI cable, I also bought a second hand Roland UM-ONE MKII cable for not too much. I hasn’t arrived yet, so that has to wait until another time.

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