l’Abbaye des Morts on tape

I had the chance to get a tape version of l’Abbaye des Morts for the Commodore 64 and I took it. There’s nothing else in the box besides the cassette, so no little booklet or anything which is a bit of a shame, but I’m very excited to have a physical copy of this game anyway. I wish I would have bought the boxed version back when it was still available, because I think I paid at least as much now, probably more. I’m definitely going to enjoy this one!

I played for a little while and managed to get six crosses of the twelve (?). I don’t know if I’m good enough to get them all. If all else fails I can always turn on unlimited lives in the trainer. I have downloaded the cracked version you see. I simply didn’t have the patience to try to rip the cassette to a tape file. I don’t even know if the C2N unit that I have in my possession works. Although it would be nice to try it at least one time to bring back that old “press play on tape” feeling. Sadly the tape connector of my SD2IEC is a bit wonky, so I don’t want to unplug it anymore than is absolutely necessary.

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