Another white label gets replaced

Look at that gorgeous Lands of Lore box. Much nicer than the drab white label box that I had before. The contents also look much nicer. Now my Lands of Lore series is complete.

I also bought the expansion to Diablo II from the same seller, as well as Dungeon Master II, Stonekeep and the original Baldur’s Gate to replace my copy.

I’m a bit on the fence about all the Diablo games and their expansions. I only played part one back in the days and didn’t like it very much back then. I would like to experience the first game again though as I remember the ambiance very well. But I don’t think I will be playing the other games in the series. So me getting all these games is more a collectors thing. I notice it’s difficult to focus.

I have similar feelings with the original X-wing games. I have the first one, because I played it back in the days. And I have the urge to get the other games in the series, but I don’t feel like playing those at all. I’m a completionist. And the boxes looks so pretty…

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