Remember when I wrote about difficulties which versions of games I should collect? The box of the US version of Baldur’s Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast was slightly bigger than the other European boxes in the series. And in another post I wrote that I wasn’t happy with a small box. I’m also not completely happy with my copy of The Dig, that’s a little bigger than the other LucasArts adventures, although it has a nice folio cover that a lot of other releases don’t have. And I’m also not too happy with the small box variant of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Now look at this: Two absolutely gigantic versions of Clouds of Xeen and Darkside of Xeen. I’m wondering if European releases are smaller. These boxes are so big that when they are standing on their long side they’re just as big as the other games in the series. Ridiculous! But cool too! The box art of these games is stunning. As are the maps. It’s no wonder that they choose the map from one of these games as inside cover in the CRPG book.

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